Large Bows

Although bows are limited in their lifespan, we have gone the extra mile to make our bows go well beyond the single occasion use. Indoor bows can have a long lifespan depending on handling and conditions. Bows used outdoors will wear sooner and the lifespan depends on weather conditions, handling and sun exposure.

Durability: Our giant "star bows" are handmade with quality in mind. Each of the 8-14 tiers (number of tiers depends on bow size) are individually secured and then bound together. The first several layers of the 20", 24" and 28" bows we double the ribbon to increase the longevity of your bow.

Our giant "pull Bows" are made using many loose loops that give this bow a light and airy feeling. By adding more loops we give this bow the stability and longevity needed to last beyond your immediate needs. For both style bows we use high quality waterproof ribbon for indoor and outdoor use. Your bow is handmade after we receive your order, so it is full and fluffy when it arrives at your home. We take pride in our work and believe you will see quality workmanship in our bows!

Attach Easily: The Giant Star Bow attaches to any flat smooth surface, such as glass or metal, with a soft rubber suction cup. The suction cup is tied to the back of the bow and will not scratch the surface. The bow can also be tied to almost anything with the soft ties on the back of the bow. There is also a removable adhesive strip for use on other surfaces. The 8" Pull Bow has two large ribbon strings in which to tie the bow to many objects. The strings are also perfect to wrap around packages thereby keeping to bow in place.

Shipping: Each Giant Bow (15" 20", 24" 28" and 32") will be securely packaged in its own carton. The Large Bows (10" and 12") can have several bows per box. Your bow will arrive full and fluffy and ready to use. No assembly required. The 8" Pull Bows are folded and stored flat. They are easily opened up by simply pulling on a string. Several Pull Bows can be shipped in a mailing envelope. Larger quantities will be shipped in a shipping carton. For your privacy, the packaging will not reveal the contents.

Wedding Pew Bows

If you demand the best, as you should, your wedding bow needs will be fulfilled here. You will only find top of the line wedding bows. Nothing else is acceptable!

We hand-craft our bows using only high quality ribbon and other fine materials. Each bow is designed and made to retain its shape and last long after your ceremony. Each wedding pew bow is packed in its own box to protect the bow. Most bows have wire sewn into the ribbon fabric to provide support for the bow. We go the extra mile to make a beautiful and quality product for you. I hope you look closely to see the quality of the many wedding pew bows available.

When we note Satin Ribbon, it is not imitation satin such as faux satin or floral satin. Our true Satin Ribbon is a fabric made from fine polyester thread. Look closely at our bow and you will see the threading and material waves versus paper-like creases of the false ribbons using satin in their name. If you cut this satin ribbon, you would see the threads.

We use many types of ribbon and tulle for our wedding bows. In each and every case, we only purchase the highest quality materials. If we find a ribbon that looks pretty but is poorly made, then it just does not get added. That's it. Look closely at the materials used in our bows and I am sure you will see the quality.

Would you like to see our ribbon in person? Contact us and request a ribbon swatch. We will mail it to you within 24 hours.