Would you like to learn how to make a big bow for a car? Or how to make a giant bow for a wedding? How about learning how to make large bows for party decorations and more?

Hello, my name is Amy. I am the owner of LargeSizeBows.com. I make big ribbon bows for cars, boats, decorations, and special occasions. I know many people would like to learn how to make a large car bow or a giant bow for decoration because they are either creative or perhaps would like to save a few bucks. I believe that if you are really determined to learn how to make a big bow then you are not going to be a customer. That's OK. I have enjoyed making thousands of bows over the years and I feel that I need to give something back. So I figure if you want to do this then I would like to help. But, in the future if you should want another bow and do not have the time perhaps you will keep my business, largesizebows.com, in mind! We also sell the same ribbon we use to make our giant bows.

How To Make a Big Bow

I will show you how to make three different size large ribbon bows: a 20" Big Bow, 24" Large Bow and a 28" Giant Bow. I will tell you what materials you will need, what tools are required and how much ribbon you should purchase. Now, when I teach a new employee how to make our giant bows it is a much different method. It will take a many full time days and then much practice on the part of the employee to perfect this new talent. However, I know you want to just make a single big bow so I have developed a layman's way to make these bows. This method takes much longer; however, if you have the desire and the time you could make a nice big bow for your special occasion. So if you're game then let's do it!

First you will need to pick the size bow you wish to make. So I want you to take a look at the icons on your left and look at the various size bows I sell on my site. I have many color mixtures for you to browse through so find the size and colors you want for your bow. When you're ready come back here and click on the bow size you want to make. You will find that I will have listed everything you will need and give you a good description of how to make your big bow. So take a look around and come on back and let's get started.

How to Make a Giant 28" Bow

Materials Needed: (1) 2" suction cup, (1) 4" fastener, (2) 12" pipe cleaners (if you want to secure the bow with ties), (4) 6" pieces of kite string, 500 ft of 2-3/4" ribbon. (If you choose several colors for your bow you will need to divide the ribbon accordingly.

Cost: Your ribbon will be your biggest cost. If you buy 1 roll of the ribbon in 300ft rolls (we do sell ribbon on our site) the cost should be approximately $14.00. If you choose several colors the cost will be more because the small rolls cost more per ft. You can usually pick up the 2" suction cup in a package of 2 for around $2.00. The 4" fastener is a tough issue. Most office supply stores only sell these in a box of fifty or a hundred. Perhaps you know someone who may use this size fastener.

Equipment Needed: Standard Stapler, Long Reach Stapler (needs to have a reach of 28"), Ruler extending at least 28", scissors, 2" nail and a 2" X 2" piece of cardboard.



Now lets get started on learning how to make a big bow. First you will need to take the roll of ribbon and set it up so it can unwind as you pull on it. (When I started I took two chairs and placed them back to back several inches apart. Then I took a wooden spoon and placed it through the ribbon spool and placed each end of the spoon on the chair backs. This now allowed me to pull on the ribbon and it could turn and unroll). So use your imagination and set this up.

Next make a long line a few inches from the end of the ribbon then measure 28" down and make a small line. The again make a long line a few inches down and then again go 28" and make a small line. Continue like this until you make 13 sets then cut away from the roll. We now want to double this ribbon to add strength. (We do this for only the first 3 layers). Push all this ribbon to the original side of the table. Now take the ribbon from the end of the roll and bring the two ends together leaving the marked side facing up. Pull the two lenghts across the table so we now have one long double ribbon. Staple the end and cut at the long line. Then keeping doing this until you now have 13 pieces of double ribbon each 28" long with a few inches extra on each side.